Hiking routes

Hiking trip to Kongsen

A trip to Kongsfjellet and the royal viking burial grounds is like walking back in time to the Viking era. Perhaps accompanied by white-tailed eagles basking in the wind and wild sheep (villsau) – a local breed of sheep particular to the area called Old Norwegian Sheep – curiously looking up as you pass by.

Walking in the garden throughout the seasons
The rose garden is a special place in the summer. But it is charming throughout the year.
A garden stroll allows room for reflection regardless of the weather and season.


Hundreds of notheng (a type of building used to dry fishing nets) were built along the west coat in Norway during the 1940s when the fishing nets used for catching herring and tuna were still made from cotton and hemp. These nets had to be hanged up to dry.

Today Henjo is one of the remaining notheng. A walk to Hengjo allows you to dive into the old fishing history that Bekkjarvik has to offer. If you would like to learn more about this history, we are happy to comply.

Storm watching
Get dressed for stormy weather and feel the sea water whipping against your face!

Enjoy it NOW!