Illustration: bocusedorwinners

5 quick questions

Ørjan Johannessen has returned home from France and the Bocuse d’Or, where Norway won the silver medal. We got the opportunity to ask him 5 quick questions.

How did you take part at this year’s Bocuse d’Or?

My role was to be part of the Bocuse Winners committee, where my role was to help out at the cutting table. At the cutting table, all the fish platters of the contestants are plated for the judges before serving, so that they get to enjoy and taste all the good food from all of the competing countries.

You and your family are in the process of building a new hotel and a new restaurant named Mirabelle – did you find new ideas and inspiration to bring home to Austevoll?

Yes, I certainly did. In an arena such as this, it is hard not to. Bocuse d`Or is a competition that breaks boundaries and is innovative – inspiration and passion is everywhere.

 There are many people who are eager to dine in your new restaurant, and visit your new hotel in Austevoll – when can you expect to welcome guests?

 The hotel is opening this summer. It will be a modern hotel, still telling the story of the maritime life, which has a high impact on local people’s lives.

You can follow our Instagram @bekkjarvikgjestgiveri, where we will present the name of the new hotel very soon.

The new restaurant – Mirabelle, is based on our vision “Island Gastronomy” and the produce surrounding this term, will open around November 2023. The hotel will also contain a culinary academy, to be used for both learning and inspiration.

 What can you tell us about the whole experience at Bocuse d’Or 2023?

The level of the Bocuse d`Or competition is getting higher and higher, and it is very nice to see the development in gastronomy over the last 10 years.

Many new techniques, ways of working and new angles in the competition such as sustainability and how we as professional chefs see the gastronomy of the future.

It is also fun to meet old colleagues that I have competed against before. It’s amazing to be able to share this experience, as well as creating good conversations regarding the world of gastronomy. The best part of course, is that we get to celebrate a fantastic result for Norway and Filip August Bendi, who has made an outstanding effort and delivered a great result in the competition.

You are still the reigning Norwegian champion for two more years, any thoughts?

I really hoped that Norway would take home the victory this year with Filip, but it is a tough competition and everything has to be right to get that gold medal. I really hope Norway will win in the next competition in January 2025.  By then it will be 10 years since Norway won, so it’s about time.