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The boutique hotel Beckerwyc House invites you to unwind in an exclusive and relaxing environment. The inspiration is taken from the sea and the beautiful nature here in Austevoll, and it is expressed in a modern, maritime design.

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Come inside

On the 1st floor you will find a lounge and bar and reception combined -a barception. Here you are personally greeted by the host, who ensures that you get the best service and experience during your stay. Choose between suites, deluxe or superior rooms with exclusive interior design. You will sense nature’s presence as you open the door and breathe in fresh sea air and enjoy the view from the garden as you start your day.

Breakfast is served in the room, so that you can enjoy a calm and quiet morning all to yourself.

 Mirabelle by Ørjan Johannessen

On the top floor overlooking Bekkjarvik harbour, you will find restaurant Mirabelle by Ørjan Johannessen. Here you get introduced to local flavors using modern techniques, designed as a larger tasting menu with the signature Island Gastronomy. Professional service, innovation, sustainability and exclusive interior are just some of the key words describing the concept.

With an open kitchen you can observe the team creating magical moments throughout the evening. The restaurant will consist of around 25 seats, and the view will be nothing less than spectacular. The bar and lounge area is a jewel in itself, where you can enjoy our signature drinks in a relaxed and soft atmosphere before you enter the table.

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Chambre séparée

If you want a completely exclusive and private experience, you can enjoy fantastic food and service in an undisturbed setting in our chambre séparée. The room is also suitable for exclusive meetings.We will be able to accommodate up to 14 people per seating.

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Culinary Academy

The culinary academy is an arena for passing on knowledge about local cuisine. The ambition is to be a professional center for both private individuals and companies, with a desire for new knowledge and inspiration. We facilitate social and educational classes for up to 16 people at a time.

Outdoor area

Beckerwyc House is beautifully located on top of the hill by Bekkjarvik harbour, surrounded by beautiful nature and lovely green areas, with a short distance to nice hiking trails. At the entrance to the hotel, you will have the opportunity to enjoy our small, intimate outdoor seating area. Order drinks in our “barception” and relax in quiet surroundings.

At the back of the hotel, a lush and elegant French garden will adorn the spaces. It is extended by a large terrace of 130 square metres, with an outdoor terrace and a view of the sea, glaciers and mountains. Simply magical! On the rooftop bar the view`s even better. Enjoy one of our signature drinks and unwind after an adventurous day.

We have a large car park with an outlet for electric car chargers, and we offer a chauffeured limousine for guests who want a pleasant and comfortable journey.

As you explore Austevoll, you will meet a small, modern community with a strong history and identity, and needless to say: Stunning nature.

Beckerwyc House is built to let you relax and unwind between activities. Welcome to The Island Experience.

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